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"From the bottom of our hearts, thanks for the wonderful care. We will forever be grateful for the kindness and exceptional care."

- Mr. Lorenzo and family

"Just a note to thank KHH staff for all your LOVE, COMPASSION, and CARE."

- C. Estes

"A special thank you to Nimfa and Dan and all KHH staff for providing dignified care which our family will always remember for the rest of our lives."

- Debbie B. and family

"In this day and age, it's hard to find a facility you can trust. Kind Heart Home was recommended to me by a friend. And now I know why - the quality of service my Mom received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!"

- Bob C.

"Because of their excellent routine of bed rest, meticulous skin care, and personalized attention, their residents get better. It's the way they do it. I will surely recommend this place to anybody I know."

- Dr. F. M.

Visiting Physician

"My mom was very happy with ya'll, I can tell. It was so sweet of you to have had that Birthday cake for her birthday. Most of all, thank you for hugging her when I couldn't..."

- Barbara H.

"The level of service at Kind Heart Home is fantastic. Having been a resident for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism and compassion of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you!"

- Abbie B.

"We are so grateful to you for taking such good care of one of our patients. Your excellent care is very exceptional. Keep up the great job!"

- Andy G.

Director, Angel Hearts Hospice

"It was so comforting to see Mom's last few days were filled with dignity and respect. There are no words which can express how much we all appreciated the loving care you gave our mother."

- Kelly, Mario, Ryan, Brian, and Austin

"May you be blessed as you have been a blessing. May you know kindness as you have been kind. May you see the fruit of the work that the Lord has accomplished through you. May you know today of the sincere love and appreciation for you. Thank you KHH and all your staff."

- Terri G. and family

"Dear Nimfa and KHH staff, we are all very grateful for all the care you have provided to Bill. You gave him and the rest of us a SAFE LOVING PLACE and we all believe he really was in peace."

- Dr. M. K. Eckert and family + Terri (Bill's dog)

"I can only tell all positive things without any single negative ones about how I have seen KHH staff take care care of my husband. I will surely recommend them to any elderly person I know [who] will need a place. The way they do it is so wonderful...especially dealing with Dementia/Alzheimer residents."

- Ruth B.

"I really do not think there are words to express how grateful we all are for the magnificent care you gave to precious Mother for so many years. It was so full of love. How comforting it was to know you always had her dressed for a "party" knowing she liked to look pretty. A little blush, a little lipstick and pearls always makes a lady feel better. And you all made it happen. She loved you as we do and appreciated all you did for her. We are so grateful."

- Susie G. and family

"Mom was Stage 3-4 decub ulcers when Dad passed away after being together in a room at a Retirement Home before moving in to KHH. They individualized the care for their residents, who have good days and alternating bad days having Severe Dementia. I have chosen the BEST place for my mom. She's cleared from bed sores and looking very dignified."

- Wayne H.

"My Dad has been with KHH for the longest time, he came here bedfast after hip fractures and its accompanying complications, and was told that he was going to pass away soon. Nimfa and staff took care of him and since then we've been seeing a lot of incredible improvements. To this date, my Dad can already use a walker, eat by mouth instead of tube feedings, blood sugar [is] well-controlled, his bed sores have been cleared, and he's very conversant and sharp!"

- Rick L.

"The Care Your Loved One Deserves. The owners of Kind Heart Home helped me through the most difficult time at the end my mother's journey with dementia. They cared for my mother with the patience and love that she needed in her final days. They are registered nurses with big hearts - if you can place your loved one here, rest assured they will get care with dignity, love and experience. I found peace and comfort that we were lucky enough to find Kind Heart Home for my mother."

- Christie P.

"Many times I have always wanted to write this letter - and finally here it is. My mother was diagnosed with Severe Dementia and has fallen a few times sustaining many injuries and scrapes, and eloped many times due to her confusion...before I moved her to KHH. I learned about KHH from high recommendations and after a few days I noticed a remarkable change in her. Oma is more calm, settled down and no longer phasing back and forth. I used to worry a lot whenever I got calls from the facility where she was staying, but not anymore. Oma's caregivers are patient, kind, affectionate and caring. I am resting at home very confident that Oma is getting the very BEST."

- Ludmilla M.

"The last year of my Mom's life was so hard that she had so much to cope with - cancer, radiation, neck dissection, recovery, death of her husband, moving away from all her friends and the only love she knew and lived for over 25 years. She had so much to absorb and so much grief to consume. Your care home helped her last months of her life become happy again with your love and caring attention. Her love and kindness she gave in her life came back to her. Ya'll played a very important part in her life. I knew she would sure want me to thank you for all you did for her - esp. your compassion. I will never forget how ya'll made her so special. With great admiration and respect."

- Sandra

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